July 3 – August 6, 2016

This year’s summer camp season of our Archdiocese will begin on July 3 and close on August 6. The camp will be hosted by the Ss. Constantine and Helen Cathedral Faith and Heritage Center at 4160 102nd Ave., Allegan, MI 49010.

The program includes participation at morning and evening services, traditional Romanian folk dance, painting icons on glass, music and Romanian language classes, reading and opened discussions, sport activities like volleyball, soccer, hiking and more.

There is a capacity of 50 children that we can accommodate.


Our Canadian Campers need to make their payments in U.S. funds. (Money orders or bank checks submitted in U.S. Funds). Thank you for your cooperation and understanding.

Please do not delay !


The cost is $300 per week per person.

Kids under 6 yo must be accompanied by one of the parents or legal guardian who will pay full cost.


You may download applications in PDF format below.

The application forms can be found here.

Applications will be available through your local clergy or Fr. Vasile Muresan at 773-774-1677 or by email at camp@rofaith.org.

PLEASE NOTE that health forms are the same for camper, counselor, or volunteer applicants. Camper Health forms must be submitted prior to your arrival.

The schedule for the five weeks of camp is as follow:

First group July 3 to 9 -ages 7-14

(The campers will arrive Sunday July 3 around 12.00 pm and leave not later than Saturday July 9 before 12.00 pm)

Second group July 10 to 16 –same ages 7-14

(The campers will arrive Saturday July 10 around 12.00 pm and leave on Saturday July 16, before 12.00 pm)

Third group July 17 to 23 – ages 15-18.

(The campers will arrive Saturday July 17 around 12.00 pm and leave on Saturday July 23, before 12.00 pm)

Fourth group July 24 to 29 – ages 19 +

(The campers will arrive Saturday July 24 around 12.00 pm and leave on Saturday July 29, before 12.00 pm)

The fifth group July 31 to August 6 – ages 2-6

(The campers, accompanied by one parent, will arrive Saturday July 31 around 12.00 pm and leave on Saturday August 6, before 12.00 pm).

Applications should be submitted by JUNE 10, 2016 !

to V. Rev. Fr. Vasile Muresan, 5410 N. Newland Ave, Chicago, IL 60656; Office Phone: 773-774-1677

Reserve now, your summer camp ticket !

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